Tip 1

Always make sure that the clothes you buy have labels with symbols that indicate the type of fabric as well as the appropriate way of cleaning them.

Tip 2

Always consult your clothing label symbols for cleaning and grooming your clothes.

Tip 3

A stained garment should be taken for cleaning as soon as possible. Stains that stay on the
garment for a long time have the property of stabilizing and creating dye on the fabric, as a result of which they become permanent and cannot be completely eliminated.

Tip 4

Never iron clothes with a stain. The steam of the iron has the property of spreading and stabilizing the stain.

Tip 5

Leave the difficult cases of stains in the hands of experts and do not experiment with strong scrubs.

Tip 6

Suits, suits and general sets of clothes should always be cleaned together to maintain uniformity in colors.

Tip 7

Always clean your clothes at the end of each season before picking them up. Exhaust gas and dust wear down the fiber of the garment.

Tip 8

Never close clothes in plastic bags when storing them, the fiber of the clothes must be ventilated and breathable.

Tip 9

To store your clothes, use the special ecological bags that can be found at LEATHERMASTER.

Tip 10

LEATHERMASTER laundry with the innovative technology treats each
case separately, cleans your clothes with antibacterial action and renewal of fibers and colors.